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A leading Engineering & Construction firm, Delivering high quality services for the construction industry, Over 15 years of outstanding background and Execution of more than 36 complex projects, Prepared for execution of huge projects by utilizing the extraordinary capacity and vast resources owned.

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Customer Satisfaction

PBi retains excellent track record with the customers because of its outstanding performance on the completed projects; our clients are incredibly satisfied with our past performance due to the high efficiency of our management system and exceptional outcomes regarding customer profitability. Our standards of performance always have met or exceeded the client requirements, PBi has executed more than 36 projects in construction, Design, Engineering and Consultancy during the past ten years. we have managed to deliver on time, cost effective, high quality, and safe work environment in the projects through our managerial and operational efforts. PBi’s excellent performance on the executed projects, has positioned us among the most reputable companies in the country and we continuously make progress in different fields of the industry reaching our ambitious goals and targets. 

Overview of PBi Services

Engineering and Design​

PBi delivers standard and high quality design services, it has carried out dozens of survey and design projects in the last decade successfully. survey and GIS, Architectural, Land Planning / Site Development, Modeling, Landscape, Structural, Electrical, Power Systems, Industrial Systems , Electronic Systems, Road, Highway and Bridge Design, Mechanical Systems and HVAC, Water Supply and Networks Design, Wastewater Collection and treatment Systems, are among the design and engineering services we provide.

Building Construction

PBi is a leading Construction firm in Afghanistan, it has multi-disciplinary construction capabilities, we use modern construction technologies to deliver high quality construction systems which are cost effective, Good Looking, fast track construction and resistant to the earthquake and wind loads, we do Residential & Industrial Complexes, Military Facilities, Sports Facilities, Force Protection and Security complexes, Pre-Engineered Buildings ( PEB ) with high quality and competitive prices.

Construction Materials Production

PBi is widely involved in the construction materials production and delivery,we carryout on-site production using mobile production plants. Our products are made of locally available raw materials, advanced techniques and quality based methods. We produce, CMU, Precast concrete elements, ready mix concrete, pre-stressed concrete elements, sand, bitumen for roads and highways, wire mesh, ceramic tile, carpentry and wooden elements, PVC doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, bricks and some other basic construction materials. We have imported, mantled and activated many material production plants to acquire high capability in this field.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

For more than a decade, PBi has provided operation and maintenance services to the U.S. & AFG governments as well as to the private sector. PBi’s design and construction experience on the completed projects enable us to offer inclusive operations and maintenance management and services, Below are the O&M fields we are capable of performing at:

  • Roads & Highways Maintenance and rehabilitation.
  • Training and O&M manual development for constructed facilities.
  • Campus operations and utilities support services.
  • Building and facilities maintenance and renovations.
  • O&M for electrical utilities and power generation and distribution.
  • Fuel facilities operations and services.
  • Fuel facilities and systems maintenance and repair.
  • Water and wastewater plant operations and maintenance.

Road & Highway Design & Construction

PBi has the most professional and expert design team in Highway, Roads, railways and Transportation projects. PBi has completed eight high-quality road projects with total length of 42 KMs, two of which were RCC road projects. PBi has earned a wide array of resources for road construction projects, Bridge design and construction is another specialized field which PBi has contributed during the past years; four wide span concrete bridges are among the completed projects. Besides PBi delivers steel and composite Bridge projects in accordance with the International standards. Below are the areas we provide Road, highway and Bridge Design and construction services:

  • Steel and concrete bridge design
  • Cross section profile drawing. 
  • Necessary culvert & bridge designing on the alignment. 
  • Road sub grades & blanket designing (asphalt & concrete). 
  • Road designing calculation including cut and fill volume. 
  • Specifications and construction guidelines.
  • QC and Safety consultancy for road and highway projects. 

Besides PBi has contributed in the Geotechnical and quality testing works on many road projects around the country.


Water Supply Systems
PBi provides design and construction services on Water supply system, infrastructure for the collection, transmission, treatment, storage, and distribution of water for homes, commercial establishments, industry, and irrigation, as well as for such public needs as firefighting and street flushing.
Waste Water system
PBi provides wastewater collection and treatment system (WCTS) design and construction, we have executed 11 projects comprising of wastewater collection and treatment facilities. We have carried out Piping, Septic, disposal and treatment jobs in a decentralized method for many living and office facilities. PBi has also performed on centralized WCTS system and has connected some living facilities to the municipal centralized WCTS system.

Power Generation and distribution systems.
We have valuable experience in design, construction and management of different power projects and sectors. PBi has provided project Management, consultation on construction and planning, supplies of tools and equipment and O&M for different electrical\power facilities and projects. PBi provides engineering and design services in the below power systems:

  • High Voltage Overhead Transmission lines
  • Medium voltage Overhead and Underground Distribution lines
  • Medium/ Low voltage transformer stations including outdoor, indoor and compact stations
  • Low voltage Overhead/ Underground Distribution lines
  • Power plants
  • Interior, exterior, and street lighting
  • Residential and industrial electrical power systems


PBi has performed on multiple projects containing Mechanical and HVAC tasks during the past years, we have carried out design and consultancy of centralized heating and cooling systems, Split units installation, steam heating systems and other conventional mechanical systems. We have also provided Installation, operation and maintenance and other relevant services to our customers in the past.

PBi Capacities

PBi maintains significant Internal Capacity and general capability in the construction and engineering industry; we have planned, designed and executed significant number of projects in the past ten years relying on our comprehensive capability\capacity both in the office and on the projects sites. We have earned valuable technical, managerial and physical capability through continuous determination in the process of business development, planning and execution of many projects. PBi has established its internal divisions and departments complying with modern industry needs. Sufficient equipment and tools acquired and financial capability achieved in the result of significant revenue.
PBi has earned valuable expertise and practical knowledge by contributing to the challenging construction industry in Afghanistan. How to systematically develop the business, How to do capacity building, how to earn and apply management skill and finally how to execute the projects successfully, have been the primary questions we have answered through practical attempts and theoretical research and learning process.

  • 123 Permanent staff, Managers, Engineers, Laboratories Personnel, Administrative and more.
  • 229 set of operational Construction tools and plants.
  • A power of investment to undertake more than 100 Million of construction projects simultaneously.
  • A stock of more than 1760 m3 of different construction materials readily available.
  • 8 active materials production plants.
  • 12 Active ware houses.
  • 16 office facilities.
  • 4 Active construction laboratories
  • 3 Active PVC and Aluminum door & Windows production factories.
  • 1 Active thermal insulation production factory.
  • 4 Complete set of road construction equipment and tools.
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