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Pro Builders Inc. ( PBI ) is an Afghanistan Based Construction and Engineering firm, Registered under the Laws of Afghanistan and United States Governments. PBi was established in the year 2004 to contribute in the Engineering industry in Afghanistan. This period of PBi’s occupation continued till 2010. During this period of growth; PBi successfully delivered multiple tasks and projects around the country for different customers. All the completed projects have been carried out by the best of Engineering and Design Standards. PBi’s variety of services in this phase included: Assessments & feasibility studies, Surveys & GIS, Design & Planning, Biding and Proposal preparation, Professional Project Management, Quality Control, Health & Safety, Operations & Maintenance and other relevant and industry-specific jobs. By having six years of brilliant experience in the engineering industry and the achievements, PBi later on, in 2010 stepped into Construction Industry as its second period of growth. PBi started performing on medium size construction projects and completed many construction projects for different customers in this stage. USACE, UN, Private Sector, Afghanistan Government and KFW have been among our esteemed customers since the establishment of the company. PBi has gained outstanding rating for most of the projects it has completed in the past decade; still moves towards growth and development to reach higher stages of excellence. It is worth to mention that, our clients are eager to hire us for their upcoming projects because of our satisfactory performance on their completed projects. PBi development phase which was the third period of its growth; planned for market research, technology transfer, capacity Building, updates on codes and standards and many other measures and arrangements, to identify the industry needs. These innovations resulted in attracting more customers to our services, and further development and growth have been achieved. PBi after successful completion of the growth and development stages, is presently organized and prepared for undertaking your upcoming complex projects. PBi maintains a proven track record with USACE, and most of our management and operation methods are compatible with USACE standards. PBi plans to continuously upgrade its managerial and technical arrangements to stay in compliance with the requirements of USACE and other potential customers’ in the country. PBi has also initiated the construction materials production in 2012, we have 8 active production plants for Road and building materials including asphalt, Gravel, Sand, PVC Doors & Windows, Aluminum Doors & Windows, Carpentry, CMUs, Thermal Insulation and some other essential materials. These products were produced and delivered to our customers and PBi’s self-projects during the last five years. Today’s PBi, after successful completion of 36 complex projects with a total worth of over 45 Million USD; and by having plenty of Resources; is capable to achieve leading position in the local market.


PBi is founded and organized by three Afghan Citizens to deliver standard Engineering and construction services. PBi’s growth and development is a debtor of days and nights efforts of the management team and the founders. PBi Board of Management is comprised of experts in business and industry, Managers and Engineers, who are knowledgeable of construction industry in a wide spectrum bases. They have achieved company’s goals and objectives successfully during the past decade.

The Board of Management (BOM) being led by Zubair Wardak as Company President, Mirwais Zahed as Vice President/CEO and Kamal Mohabbi as the General Manager. 

The BOM leads PBi in an overall manner and is assigned to prepare the general plans, company strategies, resourcing tasks, logistics and financial as well as other critical tasks.


M.S in Construction Management

18 years of dedicated experience in construction.

As the President, Mr. Zubair Wardak leads the company in its entirety, PBi, under his wise leadership has passed through stages of success and is proudly improving and reaching the highest Levels of growth.

MIRWAIS ZAHED Vice President

M.S in Project Management
14 years of expertise in the construction industry.
As Vice President, he is cooperating with the President in managing the company in an overall manner, by having years of experience in the field of project management; he plays role of a leading technical authority in the company, and most of the technical issues are referred to him.

MR. KAMAL MOHABBI General Manager

Bachelor in Business Administration
12 years of professional experience in Business Administration and development.
Mr. Kamal Mohabbi by having outstanding knowledge and experience in the fields of Business Administration and Business Management leads the organization towards success and improvement in terms of internal affairs, Business Development, and efficient communication.


PBi is registered with Afghanistan Government – Ministry of Commerce and Industries as well as with the US Government as a prime vendor. PBi has current and up to date registration in SAM and JCCS, PBi is also approved for Base Access and is eligible to work inside the USG Campuses. In addition, PBi is listed as a vendor with some other donors like UN, European Committee, NATO, French Embassy and KFW.
Below is information on PBi’s registration with different customers.








To deliver projects that consistently conform to international standards and to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. To continually offer innovative construction solutions to our clients using modern principles and technologies, Pro Builders Inc. envisions are being as the primary preference at all times for its excellence, quality performance, and reliability in all types of construction.


Our Mission and Objectives are to perform with high standards towards becoming a leading construction/Engineering company in the local market.
To deliver the projects perfectly to become the customers’ preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality and timely completed and value-added projects.
To provide the highest level of service in the construction industry while offering professional craftsmanship to every project we handle.
To continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technology in methods and materials to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness.
To continuously improve competence of our team and employees, innovative and results-oriented personnel, to deliver outstanding performance.
To build a safety culture aimed at continually reducing the frequency and severity rate of incidents towards achieving zero accidents.
To identify and mitigate all the environmental impacts arising from our activities, and comply with applicable environmental norms.

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