Engineering and Desing


PBi teams, in different aspects of engineering process embrace valuable expertise and modern knowledge to carry out multi-disciplinary projects. We start with conducting survey and assessment; the assessment team evaluates project location, resources availability, security conditions, natural impacts and other information into the project evaluation process, this helps the decision makers in selecting better choices and to provide better solutions to the project. The survey team follows to find position of the project site by using GPS with having the Global Coordinates in hand, alternatively, local Bench Mark Coordinates would be used in case the global coordinates are not available.
Our surveyors use modern surveying tools like Total station to collect the data from the project site, by using computer-aided application, the data is transferred to AutoCAD and Civil 3D, The Civil 3D application automatically generates contour lines and topographic plans, surveyors provide exact and detailed topographic plans for other disciplines in the design team.
Civil 3D program is used to provide calculations and other data in an automatically manner, quick design information for master planning and civil design is provided in matter of minutes.
Grading plan and site layout plans are designed for laying out the buildings and utilities. Grading and Sloping of the project site in coordination with water supply and drainage systems, are also carried out by designers and the site plan architects.
The Master plan is developed by expert architects, water supply engineers, mechanical engineers and road\bridge designers under the technical supervision of a senior civil engineer acting as team leader. The concept of a master plan is divided into architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, water and sewer plans, the detailed structural design is carried out by a team of experienced structural designers. Architects often act as design manager to coordinate various technical issues among different disciplines.
Design project manager in collaboration and consultation with other members of the team; initiates the architectural design by observing the technical points of view of other discipline designers. Structural engineer in addition to the structural design; collaborates with architect to initially design an efficient structural system for the buildings.
The design documents we provide for a project are comprised of both drawings and analysis. Specifications, Bill of quantities, construction methodology\solutions are also provided in the design package. Documents are printed and packed in a standard way to be easily used by Engineers.


PBi offers professional land surveying services in the building, utilities, mining and highway sectors. Having professional surveying engineers and GIS specialists; PBi provides surveys and GIS services, GIS is a rapidly developing technology for handling, analyzing and modeling Geographic information as well as solving various real work problems. GIS database stores vast quantities of data both spatial and non-spatial, and it supports multi-users in their respective fields, however, an intelligent user can get benefit from IT and can provide services in almost all areas such as Agriculture, Archeology, Environmental & Health Studies, Real Estate management, Road & Rail management, Site evaluation, costing, Utilities and many more.
We can provide mapping services to support the field work and to compile mapping projects from existing sources of data.
PBi is specialized in professional surveying using the most updated instruments in this field. Our experience enable us to perform large projects with expedited schedules at reasonable costs.


Our initial goal in providing architectural services to our clients is creating design excellence within the project scope and budget. PBi Architectural Group works to identify project parameters, set priorities, and establish the goals. We also help our clients to predict future needs and incorporate these into our design solutions. To achieve these goals, PBi assembles a team of professionals to the specific needs of each project. For each assignment, PBi considers the project in its entirety, within the boundaries specified by the client, and with the comprehensive expertise of PBi staff. The result is a balance between the theory and the practice, and the creative and functional. Most important is PBi‘s commitment to achieving a cost-effective design that meets today’s standards and to predict the needs of tomorrow. We believe that it is the creative ability that enables us to look beyond established practices to find new and better solutions. This might involve developing an innovative approach to project funding, or apply creative new techniques to solve recurring challenges. It might mean looking beyond the scope of the project to make recommendations for more efficient and cost-effective solutions. The result is a balance between the aesthetic and the practical, and the creative and the functional.
To capture attention in the competitive residential marketplace, PBi developers are approaching projects with creativity, while keeping watchful eyes on the bottom line. PBi successful developers are providing more than just a place to live but, they are providing a “lifestyle.” PBi has the expertise to offer developers the comprehensive and creative planning and design services needed for a successful residential Development including:

  • Analysis of site characteristics 
  • Schematic plans 
  • Surveying 
  • Site engineering services 
  • Detailed plans and Specifications 
  • Zoning applications 
  • Presentation of project plans 
  • Commissions and governing bodies


PBi design team provides land planning and site engineering services on a wide variety of projects. We strive to creative and sensitive design, our professional teams are managed in a composition determined manner and by the needs of each project. PBi’s teams provide the clients with following comprehensive site Development services:

  • Land planning 
  • Traffic analysis and studies 
  • Environmental studies 
  • Design and Specifications


PBi design team has been building architectural models for years; our modeling team is composed of experienced model makers, graphic designers and collaborating architects combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies. PBi is thoroughly committed to producing quality models and computer images to give our clients the best visual presentation of their architectural projects.
PBi architects use molding as an efficient method of understanding and controlling the effects produced by the design, the models produced by our model makers signify an essential presentation for houses, apartments, tourist complexes, hospitals, airports, seaports and any other construction facility which need to be understood visually. However, there is a general belief that, with the development of computers and 3-dimensional on-screen presentations, scale models are a thing of the past but, PBi Model makers use 3D printers operated by skilled technicians which produce 3-dimensional objects by combining latest modeling technology with traditional hand modeling techniques to achieve high quality scale models, it is worth to mention that the objects produced by 3D printers still needs hand finishing.


The landscape is to lead the allied design and planning fields towards helping to create a future that is sustainable and enhances the quality of life. We believe this requires the ability and ambition to re-design the city, by this, we mean that towns or urbanizing environments can be (re)designed to support the health and well-being of human beings and other species. The landscape can make an essential contribution to understanding and addressing the cumulative impacts of people on sites, of sites on landscapes, and of landscapes on people and natural systems. Landscaping adds marketability and long-term value to real-estate. It creates aesthetically pleasing open spaces for recreational activities which can hide unattractive views, create a comfortable retreat, and dress up an otherwise “Ordinary” building.
Before beginning the design process, our landscape architects consider budget and time constraints, the needs of those who are using and maintaining the project site, and its soil, vegetation, wildlife, climate, social, historical, and cultural characteristics. Finding a solution to a problem dictates that each project be seen as unique effort, This fact challenges the designers to apply knowledge from prior experience, yet to view each endeavor as an original. Successful design grows from this knowledge, which is attained through looking, listening, and testing many ideas. We believe that the quality of the place is fundamental to the quality of life.
PBi’s landscape architectural services include:

  • Park Design (Public Park, City Park, Country Park, Provincial Park ) 
  • Landscape master planning 
  • Planting Design 
  • Landscape management and maintenance planning 
  • Re-vegetation planning 
  • Natural resource management 
  • Landscape Consultation 
  • Landscape Lighting 
  • Fountain Design 
  • Courtyard Design 
  • Irrigation Plan 
  • Planting plans 
  • Custom Garden Design 
  • Stucco walls, wood & iron fencing, stone, and masonry 
  • Conceptual Design of Garden Structures – arbors 
  • Installation Supervision pergolas, benches, gazebos 
  • Conceptual Pool & Spa Design


PBi team of structural engineers strive to create strong, stable and cost effective structures using efficient methods and state of the art engineering technology and materials , specifically addressing the challenges and needs of each client and each project specific structural requirements. Defining and selection of structural system, construction technology, availability of structural materials, weather conditions, earthquake and wind stability, locally available materials, structural elements production and many other factors are observed by the structural design team.
PBi provides structural design services by using computer application such as SAP, ETABS, SAFE, AutoCAD and BIM Softwares are used to present the construction drawings and details.
We design various structures including bridges, highway, high rise buildings and many others, our services include:

  • Full design services for new facilities 
  • Building structural condition assessment 
  • Multi-story building structural design 
  • Restoration of historic structures
  • Building remodel and upgrades 
  • Telecommunications facilities 
  • Water/wastewater facilities 
  • Concrete bridges design
  • Cold storage 
  • Renovation/additions 
  • Senior living facilities 
  • Office/ commercial 
  • Steel bridges design
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses 
  • Industrial buildings


Power and electricity is a vital source of energy for different sectors of industry and facilities. PBi contributes in the design and construction of power and electricity projects as well as introducing modern equipment & systems, and power management for many sectors such as heavy industries, living facilities and other areas where power is required. Power generation, power distribution and management, power Systems design, Industrial Systems Design, Electronic Systems are the areas we have expertise in and can handle complex projects in these fields.


We have valuable experience in design, construction and management of different power sectors. PBi has provided project Management, advise on construction and planning, supplies of tools and equipment and O&M for different electrical\power facilities. PBi provides engineering and design services in the below power systems:
High Voltage Overhead Transmission lines
Medium voltage Overhead and Underground Distribution lines
Medium/ Low voltage transformer stations including outdoor, indoor and compact stations
Low voltage Overhead/ Underground Distribution lines
Power plants
Interior, exterior, and street lighting
Residential and industrial electrical power systems
PBi’s extensive background in the power sector is a valuable asset for the industry; many customers rely on our capability and expertise in the power sector especially in consultancy, design and resourcing areas.


PBi has also contributed in the industrial system for some of the customers in the past; we have carried out industrial system engineering, planning, Design, Resourcing and consultancy, and innovative production efforts using locally available materials. Below are the fields we have reasonable expertise in:

  • Industrial Automation Systems using PLC and micro-controller systems 
  • Industrial systems installation 
  • Industrial systems modeling, stimulation and analyzing


Electronics and electronic systems are also within our field of expertise, PBi has provided vast services in this field in partnership with other leading electronic firms, many facilities have been covered by our services in the electronics field in the past decade.

  • Communication systems 
  • Fire detection and alarming systems 
  • CCTV security systems 
  • Anti-burglar systems


PBi has the most professional and expert design team in Highway, Roads, railways and Transportation projects. Transportation Engineering is one of the areas which needs plenty of attention in Afghanistan and hence, PBi has gathered the experts, Engineers, tools, and management capability to contribute widely in the Transportation sector.
Road Alignment, surveying rout curves, road topographic, Road longitudinal profile intrados & extrados on horizontal road alignment, and the design of horizontal chart curves are part of the services we have provided to our customers in the past.
We are also able to design Project longitudinal profile by standard slope design of sag and vertical curves due to vertical curve chart.
On the road construction side, PBi has completed eight high-quality road projects with total length of 42 KMs, two of which were RCC road projects. PBi has earned a wide array of resources for road construction projects, Experienced Engineers, Project Managers, Quality Control personnel, Concrete plants, Asphalt plants and variety of other resources are categorized in our Road Construction division.
Bridge design and construction is another specialized field which PBi has contributed during the past years; four wide span concrete bridges are among the completed projects. Besides PBi delivers steel and composite Bridge projects in accordance with the International standards.
Below are the areas we provide Road, highway and Bridge Design and construction services:

  • Steel and concrete bridge design
  • Cross section profile drawing. 
  • Necessary culvert & bridge designing on the alignment. 
  • Road sub grades & blanket designing (asphalt & concrete). 
  • Road designing calculation including cut and fill volume. 
  • Specifications and construction guidelines.
  • QC and Safety consultancy for road and highway projects. 

Besides PBi has contributed in the Geotechnical and quality testing works on many road projects around the country.


PBi has performed on multiple projects containing Mechanical and HVAC tasks during the past years, We have carried out design and consultancy of centralized heating and cooling systems, Split units installation, steam heating systems and other conventional mechanical systems. We have also provided Installation, operation and maintenance and other relevant services to our customers in the past.
Below is a list of service we offer under mechanical and HVAC system division:

  • Heating and cooling design, Installation, and O&M
  • Centralized Heating and Cooling Systems, design, Installation and O&M
  • Steam Based Heating Design
  • Automated and manual ventilation systems
  • Cold Storage 
  • Heating Based Power Generation

PBi has established a Joint Ventures with leading HVAC companies, PBi would assign the Joint Venture to undertake complex projects in mechanical and HVAC projects.


PBi provides design and construction services on Water supply system, infrastructure for the collection, transmission, treatment, storage, and distribution of water for homes, commercial establishments, industry, and irrigation, as well as for such public needs as firefighting and street flushing. Of all municipal services, provision of potable water is the most vital, water supply systems must also meet requirements for public, commercial, and industrial activities. In all cases, the water must fulfill both quality and quantity requirements.
PBi provides Design, consultancy and construction services in below water systems and facilities:

  • Water Sources exploration
  • Water well and water quality studies
  • Water Distribution and networking 
  • Drinking water supply
  • Firefighting water system 
  • Water Treatment, Clarification, disinfection and desalination 
  • Storage Tanks construction 
  • Pumps and pumping system
  • Living compounds water distribution systems.

PBi has executed many projects containing water supply, water storage, water treatment and disinfection and other relevant tasks. PBi has the expertise, labor, staff, managerial and other resources to undertake complex water system projects. Our water supply system team is composed of expert water engineers, geotechnical and exploration experts, drilling craftsmen, water purifying and disinfection experts and other relevant personnel. We own adequate equipment and tools for execution of water supply projects with significant amount and scale.


PBi provides wastewater collection and treatment system (WCTS) design and construction, we have executed 11 projects comprising of wastewater collection and treatment facilities. We have carried out Piping, Septic, disposal and treatment jobs in a decentralized method for many living and office facilities.
PBi has also performed on centralized WCTS system and has connected some living facilities to the municipal centralized WCTS system.
The projects we have completed collect and disposes household wastewater generated from toilet, bathing, laundry, kitchen and cleaning activities. These facilities with running water, such as house or office, have been connected to one of the following wastewater disposal systems:
Centralized systems were public sewer systems that served established towns and cities and transport wastewater to a central location for treatment.
Where appropriate, centralized systems were preferred to decentralized systems, as one centralized system can server in lieu of several decentralized systems. Centralized systems are more economical, which allow for greater control, require fewer people, and produce only one discharge to monitor instead of several. However, decentralized systems can be useful, and this option was evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
In decentralized WCTS wastewater was treated on site and was discharged to a private treatment plant.
Homes and other buildings that were not served by public sewer systems depended on decentralized septic systems to treat and dispose of wastewater. Wastewater in decentralized systems can be treated by a small, private wastewater treatment plant. These plants have similar treatment processes and equipment as centralized systems but on a smaller scale.


PBi has extensive expertise and knowledge of Force Protection and Security facilities. PBi has completed six projects in Force Protection, Guard Towers, Blast Doors, Bulletproof windows, Blast sliding gates, Sniper screen and fence, T-Walls production and installation, earth berms, perimeter walls and other relevant structures are constructed in the recent years. PBi is one of the experienced companies in design and construction of force protection and security facilities in the country.


PBi provides Pre-Engineered Buildings design and Installation services in cooperation with Mammut LLC, PBi has executed eight projects having PEBs in their Scope with a total ground area of 14500 Sqm, all these PEB works have been carried out in a JV manner with Mammut LLC. PBi’s role on these projects have been installation, transportation, and on-site management. The design works were carried out by Mammut LLC with its office located in UAE.
We have a comprehensive agreement with Mmmut to participate in Joint Venture on PEB projects in Afghanistan. Mammut is a leading PEB design and production firm in the region, they produce standardized PEB buildings as well as design and consultancy services.
PBi-Mammut JV is the only PEB firm in Afghanistan delivering services to the PEB projects.
We design and install, Sports Hungers, Warehouses, Maintenance Hungers, Industrial Open Bay Buildings, Sports Gymnasium and variety of other PEB Buildings. Our expertise and past performance in PEB Buildings enable us to undertake such jobs conveniently and deliver turnkey projects in accordance with the International standards.

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